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messiahumc's podcast

Oct 15, 2017

reSTART - Let’s dig down into the nature of belief and faith. To believe is the most powerful force at our disposal. What happens when faith takes hold?

Oct 8, 2017

reSTART - The issue is forgiveness. Is there a way to forgive myself? Is there a way to let go, to be set free, to begin again? When we embrace the grace, we are free.

Oct 1, 2017

reSTART - Rules may be what turned you away from religion or kept you at a distance. But why are there rules in the first place?

Sep 24, 2017

reSTART - If there is a God, how do I know where I stand with God?

Sep 17, 2017

reSTART - Mistakes are made. There are unavoidable. We are human. “Sorry!” But maybe there is something deeper than that and “sorry” can’t fix that. But Jesus can.